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  • Your Zakat can help patients fight Pain and Disability

Welcome To Arthritis Care Foundation

Rheumatic diseases in one form or another are the most common cause of physical disability all over the world. These diseases not only affect bones and joints but can also involve any organ system of the body including brain, heart, lungs, eye, skin, kidneys...


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Back pain is one of humanitys most frequent complaints. In the U.S., acute low back pain...

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Annual Progress Report 2015-16

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Appeal for the Month

  • Asif Liaqat 27 years young male having bad Anakylosing Spondylitis leading to permanent damage to left hip joint, barely able to walk with a stick. His monthly income is only Rs. 12,000. He needs assistance for hip replacement surgery worth Rs. 200,000 and medications worth Rs. 900,000 per annum to control his disease and save his other joints from irreversible damage.

  • Mrs. NI 55 years widow and mother of four daughters with meagre financial support from extended family for her living has active rheumatoid arthritis for last 10 years. ACF needs assistance fOr funding RITUXIMAB for her treatment. The cost of which is around 320,000 per annum.

  • Miss RY 32 years school teacher patient of very bad Rheumatoid Arthritis Leading to joint damage needs assistance for biologic (Ristova) cost of which is Rs 3,200,000
    Her father died many years back and she is supporting her treatment herself with a meagre salary of 9000 per month

  • ACF sponsored hip joint replacement of this young man suffering from Ankylosing Spondylitis who couldn't walk without support because of involvement of his hip joints. He has recovered remarkably and hoping to get his another hip replaced with your support. Approximate cost is Rs 150,000

  • Abdullah A 6 year old boy from Faisalabad is under our care since Feb, 2010.He has childhood arthritis of a type called ‘Systemic Onset Juvenile arthritis’. In this type of arthritis, in addition to severe joint pain and swelling, there is multi organ involvement, and without treatment, it is a very disabling disease; up to 2 % children can even die.

  • Bushra Tariq 11 year old with poly articular JIA illness started at the age of 3 years. She is not able to go to school because of severe pain NEEDS Enbrel injection. Cost of treatment is Rs. 400,000 per annum.